Why Us

A consumer can understand the consumers’ pain points best!! Silakaari - The Fashion Café, is a classic case of a consumer turning entrepreneur to address the consumer pain points that have been long ignored by online sellers.

Being a prolific online buyer herself, the promoter of Silakaari - The Fashion Café, found the following realities of online sales quite disconcerting:

1. Problem:

Many a times in online purchases, the delivered dress/clothing does not match the photograph shown on display especially in colour, due to photography error or overzealous enhancement of the photographs. This is a horrible experience for the buyer who enthusiastically ordered a particular coloured dress and eagerly waited in anticipation for it to be delivered, only to find out that the actual colour is quite different. This spoils all the planning and leaves behind a painful feeling of betrayal. Silakaari solution

Silakaari ensures that ‘You will get what you see’. This done by avoiding all artificial enhancements thereby ensuring that the original character of the dress is retained in the photograph.

2. Problem:

Sometimes the delivered dress/clothing is of a different size than what was ordered. Here again the situation becomes similar to that in the previous point. Silakaari solution

Our advanced inventory management and multiple checks ensure that what is ordered is delivered.

3. Problem:

When ecommerce and online market places burst onto the scene, it was expected that since the online sales will eliminate/ reduce many intermediaries and consequently their margins; the landing cost to the consumer for the same quality item would reduce significantly. However, the reality does not reflect this. The cost impact to the consumer has not changed significantly but the margins of the manufacturers, sellers and enablers seem to have expanded. The unimaginable marketing expenditure is one of the evidence of this. Silakaari solution

At every price point, the quality of the products delivered by Silakaari is much much superior to that delivered by the competitors at the same price point. We do not believe in expensive marketing, swanky offices, and extremely highly paid employees. We believe in frugality and passing on the cost benefit to the consumers. We have chosen to take the more difficult path in business growth. Without expensive marketing, our business growth depends heavily on the word-of-mouth publicity by happy customers. While this path may lead to slower business growth, it is certainly more robust and sustainable! Our happy customers keep coming back for more! This is our true reward!

4. Problem:

Readymade clothing by their very nature, come in limited size combinations. They may not readily wearable for everybody without alteration. Silakaari solution

Silakaari has an ambitious dream to be able to provide customised clothing solutions to all its customers in the near future.